Hello and Welcome to Little Jerusalem. Just to give you a a little bit of insight as to what this ministry about, please give the following Paragraph a read, and have a look at our website. We have got so much on here for you to almost feel like you're actually in Jerusalem. Little Jerusalem is an online Non Governmental and Non Profit Organisation, that specialises in creating awareness of Israel, Jerusalem, the Jewish people as well as the language of Hebrew and the culture of the Israeli people, through means of Media, Podcasts, Books, Information etc. The goal is to go deep into understanding Israel and learning from them as much as we can, and then share it with the rest of the world, just like it says to do in Isaiah 2, in the end times. Go and have a look at our "Cool Stuff" page on the link above, and you can check out our online Virtual Tours of the Holy Land through Youtube, where we have made 5 minute videos of most of the Holy sites in Israel. In the "Cool Stuff" link you'll see Photography from Israel, Jewellery & T-shirts created from Israel, Music Videos and above you will also see a link that sais "The Walk", which is a two part Documentary, about two People who walked from the North of Israel (Lebanon), to the South of Israel (Egypt) in 2 months, which is over 1000km, portraying all the people they met, and all the adventures and difficulties they faced. 
Also feel free to click on the Podcasts link above, and listen to Shaun Boshoff give teachings about amazing Hebrew revelations in the "Power of Words Podcasts" series, where you can also order your very own book "The Power of Words - 21 Day Challenge" through Amazon, whether Paperback, Kindle, or e-book, by simply clicking here
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