Tel Aviv Airport to Jerusalem

Egged bus service between Ben Gurion Airport and Jerusalem       Nesher sherut group shuttle service between Ben Gurion Airport and Jerusalem

There are a number of convenient ways to travel between Tel Aviv Airport (Ben Gurion Airport) and Jerusalem.

Shared Taxi Van – Nesher Tours

One of the most affordable, convenient and popular ways is to take a sherut (shared taxi) that leaves from just outside the Arrivals Hall at Ben Gurion airport and will deliver you directly to your destination in Jerusalem. Many taxi drivers wait for the sherut taxi to be full before setting off, so you need to factor that into your journey time.

You can also order one to take you from Jerusalem to the airport, and need to book 24 hours in advance (they will tell you to call back if you try more than 24 hours in advance). However, if your flight is on Saturday night or Sunday, then make sure to book 48 hours in advance.

A single journey should cost you 62 ILS (US$ equivalent accepted). Sheruts run 24/7.


To catch a bus to Jerusalem from the airport, first head to the three-story bridge on the second floor, near Gate 21 and 23, and take a bus to the Egged station at nearby Airport City. From there it is possible to get to Jerusalem by Egged bus 945 and 947 (every half hour from 5:30am – 9pm), but you will then still need to make your way from the Central Bus Station in Jerusalem to your destination.

To get to the airport from Jerusalem, buses 945 and 947 leave from platform 18 at the Central Bus Station and arrive at El Al junction, where you then need to catch bus 5 in order to get to Terminal 3 departures.

Certainly your cheapest option, the journey will cost about 30 ILS and takes about 1.5 hours in total.

Egged Buses
Phone: *2800

Jerusalem Central Bus Station
Phone: +972-3-694-8888
Address: 228 Jaffa Rd, Jerusalem


To take a train to the airport, you can catch a train from the train station in southern Jerusalem to Tel Aviv Hahagana station, and from there, change to a train going to Tel Aviv Airport (Ben Gurion Airport). It is a time consuming procedure and not recommended.

To get to the train station from the center of Jerusalem, catch bus 18א, which takes approximately 45 minutes from King George Street. Or, you may want to catch a taxi, which will be around 50 ILS on the meter from town. Those who are driving can enjoy free parking at the train station. Tickets are available at the station at a ticket booth or vending machine.

At the airport, the train station is located on Level S, which is the lowest floor, and can be accessed through the Arrivals Hall via stairs, elevators or escalators. Train tickets are available for purchase from automatic machines on level G.

Israel Railways
Phone: *5770
Address: Derech Yitzhak Moda’i, Malha, Jerusalem

Ticket Booth Opening Hours:
Sun – Thurs: 6:00am – 10:00am; 3:15pm – 7:45pm
Fri: 8:45am – 2:00pm
Sat eve: closed

Private Taxi

A private taxi to or from Jerusalem is another option, and should cost you 250 ILS in the week and 300 ILS on Shabbat. At the airport, it is advised to use a taxi company under the supervision of the Israel Airports Authority, operated by on-site dispatchers, and found at Terminal 3 on the ground level of the multi-level road. Read more about taxis here.

Airport Licensed Taxis

Hadar Lod (all parts of Israel)
Phone: +972-3-971-1103

Amal (to Haifa and North)
Phone: +972-4-866-2324