Free Audio Tours in Jerusalem

The cheapest touring options for Jerusalem would have to be the Self Guided Audio tours which are free online.

Just click on the following links for downloads.

Old City Self Guided Audio Tours

Audio Walking Guides Of The Old City - Apple Devices

Audio Walking Guides Of The Old City - Android Devices

There is a information shop right on the inside of Jaffa Gate, where you can pick up a map, which you can use while gently strolling through Jerusalem with your Audio guide on your own time. Enjoying the Peace of the city.


Free Tours in Old City with Tour Guide

One of the most amazing characteristics about Jerusalem is the Free Tour in the Old City held by Sandemans neweurope Jerusalem tour. 

There are a few different tours you can choose from, but besides the Self Guided Audio tour, this is definitely your next best option. The tour covers so much culture, ground and insight, giving amazing facts and explanations about the history of Judaism and Christianity and more. The free tour works on donations, whatever you feel the tour was worth, you can give.

The tours vary from 2 hours to more, depending on which tour you take. Bookings are possible online. 

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All Tours outside of Jerusalem

For any tours outside of Jerusalem, including West bank, Bethlehem, Dead Sea, Massada, as well as to the north or South of Israel, Abraham Tours would most assuredly exceed your expectations when it comes to tours from Jerusalem. Their prices in comparison to all surrounding tours are fixed, trustworthy and cheaper than most you can find. 

Abraham Tours operate tours across Israel, the West Bank, Jordan, and Egypt designed for the independant traveller seeking to experience the true spirit and atmosphere of the region, going beyond the regular tourist trail.

Abraham tours are by far the best and affordable in Israel and Jerusalem and come highly recommended by Little Jerusalem. The best way for anyone to see Israel, especially young adults and youth.

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